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Connecting Growing Businesses with Modified/Refurbished Industrial Spaces

Selwyn Investments, LLC was started in 2019. Formed out of an opportunity to connect growing businesses with modified/refurbished industrial spaces. With experience in building & repairing steel buildings, Selwyn Investments identifies and qualifies beneficial spaces for their tenant partners. Our team of experienced professionals have a proven track record of providing quality service and exceeding expectations. We take pride in our properties and work tirelessly to ensure that our tenant partners have the resources they need to be successful. Contact us today to learn more about the properties we offer and how we can help your business grow.

Airport Project

Our first development was the purchase and refurbishment of this 65,000 sq ft building in the Airport Industrial Park. This 500' long building was originally built for trailer manufacturing and later was used by a metal scrapping and auto salvage business. We spent about 1 month to remove over 1,200 yards of trash and 72,000lbs of metal from the property. We then updated the lighting, heat, replaced overhead doors, and installed a solar panel system on the roof. Browse our before and after images below.

Project Before
Project After

Faubion Project

The second project we took on wasn't as drastic as the Airport Project. We acquired an 18,000 sq ft steel building in our local industrial park that was originally built as a Coca-Cola distribution facility. The ironic thing is that our family originally built this building around 1985. We were able to purchase the building, update the lighting and heat systems and clean up the lot drainage. We now have two tenant partners in the building. One business started as two people, and within 8 months, they have expanded to 10.

Main Street Project

This opportunity came about a bit differently. We had a business that we knew needed a nice retail/commercial space. It's not our ordinary project. But, if the numbers pan out, let's try. This century-old storefront had been empty for almost 5 years. We acquired the property and immediately started work to update the space for a local business that helps other startups by offering retail showcase space in the store and space for local artists to teach classes.

Downtown Hutchinson Before Image
Interior Downtown Hutchinson Before Image
Interior Downtown Hutchinson before Image
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